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  • I love electric vehicles – and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped | Rowan Atkinson
    Sadly, keeping your old petrol car may be better than buying an EV. There are sound environmental reasons not to jump just yetElectric motoring is, in theory, a subject about which I should know something. My first university degree was in electrical and electronic engineering, with a subsequent mas…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 23, 8:00am -
  • UK car buying: expert tips on what to pick for your budget
    Motoring insiders tell us which models to choose, based on price, reliability, running costs and moreIf you are one of those people who views the prospect of buying a car with a mixture of fear and resentment, then help is at hand. This week, Guardian Money has been asking some of the UK’s car exp…
    - 1 day ago 3 Jun 23, 7:00am -
  • Fiat seeks incentives from UK for motorists to buy electric vehicles
    Key subsidy scrapped last year, and carmaker says growth in sales has tailed off in BritainBusiness live – latest updatesFiat has called on the government to boost incentives for British motorists to buy electric vehicles, after warning that growth in UK sales of the vehicles has tailed off after…
    - 2 days ago 2 Jun 23, 11:01am -
  • Twitter and Tesla’s interests at odds in Elon Musk’s quiet China visit
    The world’s richest person lapsed into an unusual silence on social media during his trip to the electric carmaker’s second largest marketFollowers of Elon Musk didn’t know what to expect from his trip to China. Would he speak about Tesla, a company with a large market and manufacturing footpr…
    - 3 days ago 1 Jun 23, 5:31pm -
  • France opens first electric vehicle battery gigafactory
    Plant expected to create 2,000 jobs as France aims to be self-sufficient in vehicle battery production by 2027France’s first electric car battery plant has opened in the country’s former mining heartland as part of Emmanuel Macron’s “reindustrialisation” plan.Three government ministers and…
    - 5 days ago 30 May 23, 4:05pm -
  • JLR owner to pick UK for electric car battery factory, say reports
    Tata Group said to preparing to sign deal to build plant in Somerset that could create up to 9,000 jobsSomerset is poised to become the location for a multibillion pound electric car battery plant that could create thousands of jobs, according to reports.Tata Group, which owns the carmaker Jaguar La…
    - 11 days ago 24 May 23, 6:55pm -
  • ‘We’re going all in’: how France raced ahead of UK on electric car batteries
    State subsidies and industry backing pull in foreign investment as country creates ‘Battery Valley’Forty miles from the coast of Britain, where the government was again told this week that without urgent action it risks losing the electric vehicle race, “Battery Valley” is taking shape in no…
    - 16 days ago 19 May 23, 4:30pm -
  • Jeep maker Stellantis demands billions to keep battery plant in Canada
    World’s fourth biggest carmaker threatens to move production to US unless government matches incentives offered to VolkswagenJeep maker Stellantis has threatened to shift a planned battery plant from Canada to the US unless it receives billions more in state subsidies offered to a rival, in the la…
    - 17 days ago 18 May 23, 2:55pm -
  • Jaguar Land Rover boss says car plants in UK are not under threat
    Comments come as carmaker talks with Spain and UK governments over where to build new car battery gigafactoryThe chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover has said the future of the carmaker’s UK factories will not come under threat even if it has to source electric car batteries from Europe.The commen…
    - 23 days ago 12 May 23, 3:58pm -
  • Lack of plan for green industry risks UK ‘falling behind’, top government adviser warns
    Influential economist Andy Haldane says dearth of coherent strategy means Britain isn’t in the new ‘arms race’ to reindustrialiseBritain risks falling behind in a multibillion-pound global “arms race” of re-industrialisation without an urgent launch of a coherent plan for manufacturing, An…
    - 26 days ago 9 May 23, 6:16pm -
  • I’m glad you’ve bought an electric vehicle. But your conscience isn’t clean | John Naughton
    First, you’ve got to drive a long way before you overcome your EV’s embedded carbon debt. And then there’s the trouble with the minerals in its battery…So you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought an electric vehicle (EV)? Me too. You’re basking in the warm glow that comes from doing on…
    - 29 days ago 6 May 23, 4:00pm -
  • Carmakers are pushing electric SUVs, but smaller is better when it comes to EVs
    Electric SUVs are better than their gas counterparts for the climate, but they can be worse than compact gas burnersThe electrification of the US’s vast fleet of cars and trucks is a cornerstone of Joe Biden’s plan to tackle the climate crisis. But the ballooning size of electric vehicles, crowd…
    - 31 days ago 4 May 23, 10:00am -
  • My advice to Toyota? Build electric vehicles and Australians will buy them | Scott Dwyer
    It’s strange that a company with a reputation for innovation, customer satisfaction and continual improvement is dragging its feet on electrificationGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastElectric vehicles in Australia are on the move. Last month marked a mileston…
    - 32 days ago 3 May 23, 4:14am -
  • Toyota Australia executive says it’s too early for electric vehicles to replace nation’s cars
    Environment groups say comments reflect carmaker’s own delays in launching EV models, rather than the state of the marketGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastAustralia’s top-selling carmaker has fired an early shot in the debate over a vehicle pollution limit,…
    - 33 days ago 2 May 23, 2:02am -
  • The Guardian view on the electric car revolution: targets are not enough | Editorial
    The government must do its bit to make new electric vehicles more affordable if mass adoption is to be achieved on the road to net zeroWhen the government controversially scrapped its discount on the purchase of electric cars last summer, the move was justified on the grounds that its work was done.…
    - 40 days ago 25 Apr 23, 6:32pm -
  • Majority of Australians keen to switch from gas to electric to lower emissions, survey finds
    Poll reveals 65% of drivers expect to be buying a hybrid or electric vehicle if they upgrade in the next 10 yearsFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastThe majority of Australians feel positive about switchin…
    - 42 days ago 23 Apr 23, 4:00pm -
  • Electric cars: could your employer help you save thousands?
    People are waking up to the benefits of using salary sacrifice schemes to buy greener vehiclesIf you have been thinking about switching to an electric car but are worried about the cost, talk to Bill Hopkinson. Until four months ago, the sales and marketing director was driving more than 30,000 mile…
    - 43 days ago 22 Apr 23, 9:00am -
  • The US needs 1m more electricians to hit climate goals. Can it recruit more women?
    Women face barriers in the sector, including harassment and exclusionary unions, but they would help resolve a crucial labor shortage and could also help close the gender wage gapAs a child, Cora Saxton liked to make things – forts, whittled wood carvings, a flying saucer even – so when she beca…
    - 45 days ago 20 Apr 23, 10:00am -
  • Jaguar Land Rover to ramp up EV production with £15bn investment
    JLR says first UK-made electric car will be £100,000 Jaguar four-door ‘grand tourer’ built in SolihullJaguar Land Rover has said it will invest £15bn over five years as Britain’s largest car-making employer upgrades its factories to produce electric vehicles, including its first UK-made batt…
    - 46 days ago 19 Apr 23, 3:38pm -
  • UK has no public electric charger or hydrogen refilling station solely for HGVs
    Automotive sector’s lobby group warns deadline to end sale of fossil fuel trucks by 2040 may be missedThe UK does not have a single public electric charger or hydrogen refilling station dedicated to lorries, with fewer than 12 years until the first ban on diesel engines comes into force, according…
    - 47 days ago 18 Apr 23, 6:01am -
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